Diary 21st April 2015

O’ Farrell and I are running away from a guy who is homophobically attacking us. Mainly attacking O’ Farrell. We end up in a park. We then are forced to do sex acts. Well watch at least. eheheh. 2 lads are doing us. Another two are jerking each other. And another two are doing others from a distance. Then a git who is a friend of there’s says “hey”. I don’t take too kindly and I don’t stand for homophobic attacks.

Maureen is visiting me. When she comes int he door, she falls to the ground as she has twisted her ankle or something. I get distressed and been down. My sis and I are comforting Maureen as I leu wound conjointly.

It would appear in doing a course on concept and Ia course on Sammy mobile.

I’m chatting to Season about the events above. The Searson I’m chatting to don’t have CP, but is having trouble accessing a webpage. He is wanting to enter the router page instead of the course page which he wants.

After the “wonderful” above dreams, more so nonsensically, I got up, headed to brekkie with my sis. She advised I take “pineapple” which I love, however it was actually grapefruit. So we then headed off on back to Dublin. I was taking pics of myself in the car. As it was so warm, I was in the car topless. Then we arrived back safe and sound.

So I headed to bed for the night, afterwards. I did a few NSFW pics first, then attempted to upload pics of the Waterford pics to Facebook.

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