Diary 25th April 2015

My sis called down to do some downloading. I headed onto meetup group to see latest Marvel film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron(Review here). I apparently booked the wrong time even though I could have sworn it was the right time. When I arrived I was met with great positivity in relation to my Yes Equality badge. Even one guy Patrick told me he was Bi and was therefore in favor of a Yes vote. So onwards to the film. So as I says I had to wait til half 7. Their’s was at 7. We met up afterwards. I saw that Eoin also had a Note 3. I welcomed  him to the Android family. We swapped back covers When I was returning his he saw that I was struggling. So he showed me a new tip. So I said. “Hmmm, a newbie showing an expert androids., hahaha”. Then we all dispersed.


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