Diary 26th April 2015

My sis came down for her downloading. Showering  when I came back form a wonderful an eventful day. haahah. Which was quite busy as you can see.

I was on my way to an a cycling event for Marriage Equality cycle. I saw this in my emails(thankfully I was checking em – haahah). We were to meet in Fade St., Rothar the shop where a group gets together. On the way, I encountered Mark who was telling me that he cycles out to Howth every week at half 6. I vaguely remember him telling me this. heehehe. The cycling group were disappointed in the distance, so I just said try cycling out to Howth. ahahah. There was a guy there who was the splitting image of David Gillick(a GYM guy) who is now into healthy eating. He didn’t know who I was talking about. ahahah. Then there was another guy beside him who was the splitting image of a PD guy I used to know. We then ended up at a restaurant in Dawson St., I was about to pay, when I was told not to worry. I was amazed. ahahah. I came across a woman Miren from the Vegetarian meetup. Also a guy I knew several years when I used to be involved heavily in cycling with the Dublin Cycling Campaign. So overall a great event.

So it was time for my next event, being of which I was late however it didn’t matter. ahahah. I was late about a half hour. The event was detailing how to cope with NEGATIVE comments while canvassing for the Referendum. I signed myself up. heehhe.

I then met O’ Farrell in McDonald’s. I was in between whether or not to meet him. I said I would so that I could tell him of the above. However it wasn’t to be. WE hardly spoke. He did mention of his personal troubles thou. So while I was on the way to meet him, I encountered the woman(Rachel) whom I saw was around, from the above cycling group CANVASSING a YES vote. She asked that I take pic of her handing a leaflet to a person. I asked if I could add her as a friend on FB. She was very unnervy. So I asked O’ Farrell. He said not to bother adding her if she felt uncomfortable. I looked at her profile. So I left it at that. Clearly she was very nervous when I asked her. So I left it. But I then later on found out where I knew her. She’s in the GCN contributor of relationship or something.

I then after O’ Farrell went to Three to get a phone number from a SIM card I had already. I showed my ID. The number was for my sex account.

I then headed home, afterwards after a long tiring day. Showered. Then afterwards, I was trying to remember the whole time the route I took. I eventually got it. heheeh


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