Diary 3rd May 2015

Today, was my first day doing the PhotoWalk. I have been with them for about a year. But never went on the photowalk. I was suppose to do St. Patrick’s Day 2014 and a Christmas PhotoWalk. Today’s PhotoWalk was to cover Glasnevin Cemetery and National Botanic Gardens. So we first met a restaurant. Then headed to the National Botanic Gardens. We were walking around taking pics. I was hanging around with a Romanian guy.

While taking photos, there was a scene of which I just wanted to pause and listen. Where the river was flowing, the trees  bristling their leaves. Yeah that was a lovely way to listen. So calm and soothing.


Then we went back to another restaurant for to let the rain off. We then headed to the Glasnevin Cemetery. It was quite eery arlite. hahaa.

While taking further pictures, there was a section in the cemetary whereby another fabulous scene. Whereby the trees are meeting atop ie an Arch. Bothsides of me, was just stunning.




While at the cemetary, I wanted to look for Uncle Joe’s grave and my Mom’s dear friend whom she lost her to lymphona cancer. However, the cemetery is far too big. So we popped into Daniel O’ Connell’s crpyt where he is buried. To your left handside as you go in you see a bucket of coffins ontop each other. Those are his family. While passing the crypt, I wasn’t looking at step, I was  more so expecting no steps. So I tripped over that. With the echo of the tower where the Round Tower is located, I was wanting to get pics of the Inside of the tower. So then afterwards, we all dispersed. Before heading off, we popped into a pub, that am told is the oldest pub in Ireland. It was lovely to look in. Well layed out. Funnily its called the Gravediggers Inn. Something like that.

So I headed on home. Where I had planned on taking a photoshoot etc., adn shower of course. My sis contacted me saying that my sis and my Mom are on their way down with a Chinese. hahah. So I left the photoshoot. And welcomed them with open arms. hahaah. My sis and I watched Beauty and the BEast.


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