Diary 4th May 2015

Mom collected me. Maureen joined us. We were celebrating her birthday. We went to the Markers. The roof was closed due to bad weather. We had a soft drink. I got my dinner salad. We did a bit of shopping. A bit of Vegan. So I was happy. Was amazed at Yes Equality shop window. I wanted to in there to support and buy cupcakes. Got meself a Yes Cupcake and Red Velvet Cake. mmmmm. While my sis and I were having a dessert, There was a couple beside us. Her view  on the referendum was in our side, but she compared gays to pedos and murderes. Which I was quite taken aback So afterwards, My sis and I met up with our Mom n Maureen. We were taking pics of ourselves. Mom wanted a pic of myself. And she exclaims “Why is my face on the screen”. Well the laugh I got. haahah.

My mom dropped me to my sis’ place, So afterwards, I headed back home. Bumped into James, whom I met from the Outhouse. He was very interested in photography, when I told him of the photo walk, I did recently.

I wanted to get shorts in Lidls and to get side of the bull I got a pic of earlier. However Sammy had a plans of his own. Low memory caused Maps to crashed, which I needed to get to the Docks again. I was getting pissed off. So I left it.

So I just started to head to bed after uploading NSFW pics and videos of myself. I get a call for Georgian. I said in an annoyance tone, wrong number. Every single human being  Irish guy and and gal knows Georgian as in Georgian Dublin. My name technically is Georg-ANN. However some people have issues pronouncing which I don’t mind as is the case with any foreign name. So I just suggest to the person pronounce it as George, or Georgian(As in Georgian Dublin) like I said above.

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