Diary 6th May 2015

As I coudln’t find my bike keys, I had to walk to collect my dole. I paid TV Licence. Went to Kennedy’s to change cash. I was surprised to see Gerry then again I got my days mixed up. Says I, what you doing in “this neck of the woods”. Then AIB. I collect my laundry. He let me off with โ‚ฌ2. Its something. As Tesco slogan is “Every little helps”. hahaha. It would have come in handy thou if I could find my bike keys, so that the basket is on the saddle. It’s in bits. As I needed my keys badly for cinema and O’ Farrell, I headed to folks to get spare key. As it happens they were on their way out to see Eileen’s extension for Brendan.

I went to see Woman in Gold. Then onto O’ Farrel. Spoz to have met him at the Grafton Lounge, however they were closing up. So went to O’ Farrell in McDonald’s. ย I was surprised to hear that John a former PD’s member is gay. The last time I reported that he was in foul form. ie in that he was being dismissive etc., I was explained however that it’s actually as he was coming out. I was in the bathroom, and after I had done my business, I was washing my hands, then onto the dryer which is one of these that’s very fast. I was belching while the fan was on. I got a fit of laughing. hahaha.


Everytime, I would forget Noeleen’s surname, Dad would say to me “Marian….”. ย which Marian is a radio host. Marian Finucane. How this memory came about was that Noeleen’s hubby Father died.


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