Diary 11th May 2015

I was updating my Lappy and Sammy. Sammy ran out of space, so I couldn’t update. I tried back up via sd directly, whereby I move my files over the cable. Didn’t work. So I then tried AirDroid – an app that allows me to send my files on the Android Device to my PC aka Lappy. That fails.

While doing the above, I did a soaps marathon.

As it happened, the SD Directly did work int he end. It was the position of the phone that wouldn’t allow me.

Dad rang me to do invites for his birthday. We spent about an hour doing the invites. While Dad was on the phone, I was thinking should I bring my lappy or not. As I wasn’t sure if creating the Invites on his Microsoft Word, would work, as he hasn’t paid for Office. So in the long run, I brought my lappy, and bingo, it worked in the end. I connected his printer to Lappy, and bingo as well, it all worked. hahaah.

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