Diary 19th May 2015

Headed to Social Welfare sign on. Staff asked a guy to take his cap off. Which I found weird.

Then onto cineworld to see if my jacket would be there. To my joy he was there. Staff member was messing with an auld lad. Very cute I found. hahaah As I says bless him.

Mom and Dad’s. But first Metoer where I nearly forget. I headed into 3. They told me to go onto the site. In Meteor I got talking with a staff member. Thought she was Romanian. She’s actually Slovakian. On my way back to bike, I encountered a walking group. Something about Raghallisign letter dieing. Then headed to drumcondra, for dole then the bank where I bumped into Luke from Cleanfreaks. Then onto Mom and DA’s but checking if shit has been cleaned up. Nothings been done. I then went ย up to Mom’s and Dad’s to print bills for citizenship requirements. Sending email for Dad.

Then onto Tesco to get groceries. Then sis.


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