Diary 25th May 2015

Well today was the day that my Dad was celebrating his 80th with his side of the family ie his Brothers etc., the Coffeys down in Meath. etc., So Mom, Dad and I, headed on off to Kinnegad. I asked Dad is there a hotel in Mullingar as I quite remember a hotel where he took me for a meal when Keith and I broke up. But as it happens, I then realsied at the end of the day, that it was the same hotel we went into in Kinnegad. The same hotel for the Dad’s celebration but that didn’t stop me from enjoying meself. hahaha.

So both Mom n Dad n I, headed on in, to make sure everything was alrite. So then all the relatives started to pour in. I bumped into Maura and Gerry. I had sent Maura a message askign if I could add her on Facebook. I saw that she had read and seen the message, but nothing. So I assumed she didn’t want any contact. So she explained what her reasons were, which she thought the “person” who sent her the message was someone else. She only knew me as George Coffey, and NOT Georgian Stanescu which is my birth name. She would have been told many moons ago when I came over. So it was cool that she wanted to add me. So then I was introduced to Marie and her hubbie Paddy. Now these are the parents of Steve and Roy. Those are names I hadn’t heard about in about 15 yrs or so. It was amazing. Like Steve and Roy were with me celebrating my 12th Birthday down in Co. Meath. Mom Dad my sis and I were down in Sean and Mary whom was also at the party, were staying with Sean and Mary. Steve and Roy live up the road(well did Β – they have since moved out to Mullingar and the parents too). We also bumped into Mairead – Dad’s sister. She was in bits with her back. His other sister Bridie, couldn’t come due to chemo being down to her – I can only wish her well. So we all sat down to dinner. Then afterwards. I asked Mom why wasn’t Nancy no where to be seen as Mary(Paddy’s) was there. I was explained to that Nancy was too emotional for poor Reggie my uncle who went two years ago. Yet Mary who’s hubby Paddy also my Dad’s brother went too. I spent many happy times with Paddy and Mary. They owned a pub in Birr, Co. Offaly. We being Dad and I watched Brendan Grace one night while staying overnight with them. When I met Mary at the party she was very dismissive. It hardly was my sexuality. So I couldn’t understand. Its not like the Coffey’s are on Facebook let alone a computer. hahaah. The Same Sex Marriage Referendum was brought up by others NOT me, as warned by Dad before we went in. I overheard at table disgusting comments. Like from what I could hear, that they wondered what happens if a gay man has a wife and children does he leave them etc., They’s all just need to be educated and grow the fuck up. So after the meal, we all started to disperse. Before we all went, Maura wanted my number and commented about gay marriage in that she was delighted that Same Sex marriage was passed. I was over delighted to hear of this. Then CrΓ­ona wanted to add me on Facebook too. Says I to them “all the women”. ahahahah. So Josie – Dad’s cousin, I think, came home with us.

So when we arrived home, Mom n I dropped up to my sis.

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