Diary 27th May 2015

Well what a day hahah. I was heading to the Outhouse. It was first day after the historic referendum when the country voted in their droves to be precise over 1m voted Yes to Marriage Equaility.

When I arrived, I said “Welcome to New Ireland”. Happy referendum was a quote by O’ Farrell. The men’s group were chatting as per usual. ahahah. One topic came up, what about the divorce, someone in the group asks who gets the child re: divorces etc., I said the man. Paul one of the members, got a fit. hahahah. At one stage, Paul could have thought “the man” which one, hahaah as both are of same sex. Then at another: “Could be who is the man in the relationship etc.,”. Good one alrite.

Con who is part of the group. He was staring the hell out of the transgender people.

Patrick also a member, don’t like me without glasses. I showed him a pic without the glasses of me at my Dad’s 80th(well getting ready). He accepted that  I don’t like being a nerd but more importantly intelligent ie if I’m in a situation that I’m having a debate by lack of intelligence would be shown.

Afterwards I headed to see Mad Max: Fury Road(Review here). On the way home, my bike broke down. . Not sure exactly whats going on. I had to stop to take a few pics of the largest cruise in Dublin Bay, which I had to get on the East Wall Bridge. I was constantly thinking will the bridge go up etc., etc.,


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