Diary 31st May 2015


Reading an IRA Book by a Brian. The family would sit down every week in the sun lounge. I actually felt I was in the book. hahaah.

Then the day came that I was to meet Liz and Liz(two lesbians who married and fell in love). I hadn’t seen em since October 2004.

Dad got really ticked off when I was late. I felt like telling why my sis wasn’t chatting to you. So I instead said don’t get your knickers twisted. He corrected me in a knot. We got a taxi in and out. We met up with the two Lizs. Chatted for about an hour. We had a meal. All the time, I understood that Liz Maher was the skinny or as dad would say the “Red” as in the top she was wearing. It was the other Liz that is my Dad’s cousin.

Mom and I popped down to my sis. Then afterwards I popped first to Aldi to get briefs and PJs. Looking for PJs. So headed onwards.

Stayed with my sis for a few hours. Very proud that I was able to help ย my sis. While waiting my above memory came about when I was looking at all the amount people that have stayed at the Gresham. One was the above author.


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