Diary 8th June 2015

Well today was quite busy despite my cycling yesterday. ahahah. But I didn’t stay up  as long as normally I wouldn’t do on a Monday. ehehhe.

So I just updated my Apps on the Android FINALLY. I had just over 200 updates, because the last time, I had space issues so hence I couldn’t. So I had the chance, and updated them all. Resetted my Home screen. Was needed badly. ahahah.

Then I headed onto my Windows Apps and Lappy updates. They didn’t take too long. So I was quite chuffed there.

Now while doing the above, I was getting rid of the rubbish in my apt. Now this rubbish had been around for quite awhile. The first Monday was May Bank Holiday, the 2nd Monday was shit, so I wasn’t gonna go out onto the street to get rid of rubbish, then the 3rd Monday was Dad’s 80th down in Kinnegad and the 4th Monday was June Bank Holiday which was last week. So then today being the 5th Monday, was my lucky day. hahahah.

Then headed to bed early for to rest my legs and body. heeheeh.


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