Diary 13th June 2015

Shortly before I went to bed, I was checking my sex Facebook account, I was checking my messages. I had 3 guys blocking me, just because I wanted to add them. haahha. They first messaged me, then never gave me the opportunity to go and reply to them. One said “Who are you”, and other guy said “No of course not” something like that”. So I in my wisdom replied with my NON-sex account the gstanescu84, says to them

A bit pathetic for to block me. I wasn’t stalking you or any criminal offence or whatever. If you don’t want me to add you JUST grow a pair of balls, and reply with what your mother reared you with known as in Ireland as MANNERS

And literally BEFORE I shut down my lappy, I got a last minute message from one of the guys who blocked me on my sex account and says “Ok, sorry”.

All I want is respect, nothing more nothing less. I’ll give you respect if you give me respect. Takes two to tango. hahaha. As one of the pop singers sings as sung by Mercedes(I really looked up to her) from Glee R.E.S.P.E.C.T

SO with that said, I headed onto bed, after I awoke, I heard a doorbell of which I thought was my sis. So then I got up eventually around 10ish. I was due to go to my meetup of officially Eoin’s group Cineworld Craichead. However he wasn’t going to the iMAX version of the film Jurassic. So instead I signed up to Adam’s(oh yeah u know who he is, haahah), But he was going to the iMAX version. I really wanted to see it. So I said, ill put on my big man boots and face him, if needs be. I initial plan was to say my hellos and goodbyes to the Dublin Movie Maniac(Adam’s group) and then wait for a few minutes for the Craicheads. Their film would be on later than Adam’s.

So then my plan was to head  up to my folks then back to cinema to go and see Survivor for quarter past 11.

I was suppose to see Ailish and Noel however it wasn’t to be, Ailish feeling up.

But all the above was collapsed in that, I didn’t go out AT ALL. Awww noooo. I just can’t face Adam. I don’t know why. So I stayed on, I was too late for both films. So I said I’d leave it. I then said I’d head to see half 11 iMAX of Jurassic, but then I wouldn’t be sure if the food be opened. So as you can see I had a very undesicisive day. haahah. Then lastly I asked me mate Todd, if he’d like to join me, for the film. As it happens he had bought a gadget so he was too in his comfort zone, so I said I’d leave it.

So all in all, after all the will I, will I or won’t I, I decided NOT to go out at all. So I saved myself about €24. Cause I need that for to get Patch and Sammy’s new pet, Father’s Day pressie. So I enjoyed a nice takeout my Mom had dropped down to me. haahah


Dublin’s Iconic Clery’s Department Store has closed suddenly yesterday evening. It was bought over by a real estate Natrium Ltd. These days, like Dunnes Stores, you’re NOT gaurateee a life job anymore. I was recently advised its like the American style of jobs. Its on a SHIFT basis. So hopefully the iconic store will reopen in due course. It suffered a major flood. It is 160 years in its existence. It opened in the 19th Century.

Van Morrison has been knighted by Her Majesty The Queen.

William Butler Yeats a well loved poet, is celebrating his 150th Birthday. He was born in Sligo. A year long celebration has been launched.

The farming sector goes pink in a bid to raise for breast cancer. The Bales of hay are being wrapped in pink. Normally the bales of hay are wrapped in traditionally black .

Republic of Ireland drew against Scotland in a bid to qualify for the Euro 2016 Qualifiers.

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