Avoca, Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

I went out with my family to celebrate Father’s Day ahead of the actual day. I was quite taken aback from the grounds. Absolutely lovely. I had been here at the Castle as a kid. However that said, we all went tot he restaurant. My folks had a Chicken Pie and Salad each and I had just plain salad. My sis had Chicken Caesar’s Salad and Soup. I’ll just review MY meal for the purpose of this review. I found my salad VERY strong, which is quite abnormal if you ask me. When I arrived with my folks and my sister, we were met with a busy restaurant, which is a touristy spot. However the layout of the food which I was told in advance, was so confusing. My mom asked for Vegetarian dish for me, the woman told me twice and I STILL didn’t understand what she was saying. She was completely Irish no bother, I just didn’t understand what she was selling. As far as I gather all I could see was just salad. Yet my sister got soup. She told me it was very well hidden. I could gather that myself, cause I couldn’t see nor site of it. As my Mom couldn’t finish her Salad meal, I finished. It wasn’t as bad as mine, but still tasted very “weird”. My mom went to explain the oils they use something like that. And for the exorbitant price of €68 for 4 ppl and the above food plus two soft drinks????


One thought on “Avoca, Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

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