Diary 20th June 2015

Still wandering what to do. I was suppose to go to the STI Screening event int he Outhouse also the Marry Me! event hosted by Dublin Gay Men’s Chorus. However with my feeling of being down, in the way, I didn’t bother. However, my sis called down to me to do a bit of downloading, so with that in mind, I got up let her in. And decided to head to the next event, being Gear Ireland’s PRIDE event. I was still apprehensive in what to wear. So I just picked two items of clothing. hahhaah. Running Shorts and a Tank top. I left my sis to her own accordance. I then headed off. With somewhat nervous as hell. That said I went into Fibbers where the month event is held, however I went to the wrong one. I went into the right one. I was charged ā‚¬5 to get in. After 10 it would be ā‚¬10. So I was bang on time. There wasn’t much people around. That said, few hanging around. I eventually got talking to a guy from Brazil but living in Washington DC. Twas lovely. Then to a lassy who was on a Holiday Visa for 90 Days. Pleasure talking to all. I then got talking to a third guy whom told me in a nice way to “take a hike”. As I said my Facebook profile “I know when am not wanted”. The regout I had on, as above described would NOT be sports gear. So as I said to my sis earlier on, it looks like the one that you’d have to spend a bomb on. Which clearly I don’t have. The shorts I had on were Running, and says I to the guy “aint’ Running not a shorts” his reply It ain’t “sexual” enough. Says I to meslef, that’s my bday in Gear outta the window. According tot he guy on any NORMAL night, I would have NOT got in. Today is a PRIDE Event. So for “inclusiveness” reasons, they literally allowed anyone in. But on a normal Gear night, I would NOT have been allowed in.


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