Diary 21st June 2015 – Father’s Day; Longest Day of the Year(Summer Solstice – Astronomically terms)

Today being Father’s Day, as I hadn’t given my card to my pops on Wednesday when we went out to Avoca(Review here), I had decided to give it to him on the day. Normally we would celebrate Father’s Day or any biggie beforehand hahha on the Saturday ie yesterday or a day before the actual day because of the kids in restaurants etc., however, as I had plans made(On me own, hahaha) I couldn’t go out with my family for Saturday. So we pushed to last Wednesday.

So with the above in mind, it was my intention to go to Pro Cathedral to sign the book of condolence and light a candle for the victims of the Berkeley, and then to pop up to Gerry to give his God-Father’s Day card, and then to my folks to give my dad’s card. However it wasn’t to be, as with my legs. So then I got a voicemail from my Mom saying she’s be PICKING me up, so I said, ara, I’ll just go to the folks and leave it at that.

So Mom picked me up, we headed for a takeout. WE went to DiLucias and I got Udon ie THICK Noodles. haahah. The Noodles were scrumptious. The gravy chips thou were less appealing. Could have done with more gravy. hahaah

My sis then came down, with the shit problem outside my gaf, at the shore. So I says, I’ll leave it. My landlord has accused me of using “wipes”, First I ain’t a woman, I’m gay, and therefore no children exist in my life, well except +Puppys Stanescu  and +Inflatables Stanescu but in human terms, not hey don’t exist. hahaha. So it don’t make sense why he is accusing me. haahah. So I’m gonna get someone else int he apartment to ring him about the shit problem. Then see what happens. So then I dropped my sis down to her place. We got into deep conversation of which I wasn’t expecting. ahahah. I relented about my “depression” and my pining of my mates. I had told the girl from Chicago(Windy City), USA that my “former” friend when relating to money issues. I expressed my DELIGHT of seeing my sis on Saturday night ie last night. If she hadn’t appeared, I would never have gone out chances as I wasn’t sure if they’d accept me or not. So I said, what the hell to do, haahah. So when she appeared, my mind had been made up. I don’t think anyone realises the good a person does for another person who is under the weather mentally. I was going downhill again until my sis appeared last night.

The exact same thing happened to me at Christmas, particularly New Years Eve 2014. It was a minute after midnight ie 2015 when my parents next door neighbor texted me “Happy New Year”. Well the gleam that came outta me. I had literally was about to self harm, cause a guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Follow this link for details.


The bodies of the 4 victims of the Berkeley Tragedy in California, have arrived back home in Ireland. The victims who were brought home were:

Lorcán Miller

Eoin Culligan

Niccolai Shchuster(Escuse the spelling)

Eimear Walsh

The funerals of the above four, are expected to take place on Tuesday. The remains of Olivia Burke is expected to arrive home to Dublin Airport tomorrow morning.

A memorial of the 9 people has been held in the Historic Black Church, in Charleston, South Carolina. The attack occured when a white male Dylan.. joined the congregation at the back of the church for about an hour, and then opened fire. It was said to be of a Hate crime ie Racial intent. It has been found that a Racial Manafesto was found online.


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