Diary 22nd June 2015

Today is my weekly cleanup of the Apt. ahahah. I continued with the bathroom, as well as putting up with the shit. Nothing I can do. As I said yesterday, Gonna try and see if I can get the flat next door to me to ring Franky, the landlord. So then I continued to tidy up my shoes, you’d swear I was a lady, haahhah with the amt of shoes, runners etc., I have. ahahaha. At the same time beeing looking Knots Landing. So far 21hrs. I have. ahahah

I went to see what all the hollabaluu was. So to make an excuse I brought my rubbish bags out with me. I was gonna go round the back instead of going sideways, cause of the shit. So I went up my steps then when I turned round there was a large truck doing dredging or something. Says I to meself, so American the front of the truck at aleast. haahaha. The workers were so kind, that they had to stop the operation of dredging and he pulled the truck back slightly. Well the surprise and shock I was in. Someone had locked the gate completely. I was literally gobsmacked. I have since learned actually that the landlord had locked the gate so that no one from the outside could get access to the bins. I went out with my rubbish bin to ensure that the company outside dredging didn’t lock the gate. But it was the landlord. My fears were confirmed by a tenant.

Throughout the night, I was uploading pics of Gay Love, non porno onto my sex Facebook, yet I was shown the block of 7days of uploading photos for uploading an inappropriate pic which is totally false. So then I only learned then its a computer that is actually doing all this blocking business etc., I’m not even able to Appeal my block. And now I also learned its the same for my gstanescu84 FB account too. Following is the excerpt from my Status Update.

ATTENTION all LGBT people, sexual or not, Facebook has enabled an option that BULLY you into thinking you have uploaded Pornography, when all I have uploaded was Gay Love two men kissing embracing etc., NOTHING sexual at all.

Take this. I uploaded 164 FLOWERS, NOT A BOTHER,

I uploaded 141 Gay Love, I have been blocked for 7 Days on THIS ACCOUNT and my sex account from uploading photos. I just bypass it, but they keep adding an extra 7 days etc., etc.,

So we now have a homophobic computer at Facebook Headquarters in the US, that deals with LGBT people. Somebody has written code in Facebook Headquarters to BLOCK all LGBT PHOTOS of kissing or whatever


The last body of the repatriation process, has arrived home in Dublin. Olivia Burke’s body touched down in Dublin Airport shortly after 12am this morning.

A suicide bomber has gone off in Kabul, Afghanistan. This was outside a Parliament Building. The Afghan Parliament were electing a new Defence Minister.

A sex shop due to open in Drumcondra (my town I was reared in, hahaha) has reversed his decision to open. However after several petitions including members of the public AND politicians Cllr Noel Rock(FG)The reason for such a petition in the first place is because there is a Primary School(Elementary School) across the road. His argument is that there are porn available to kids at a young age on their cell phones.

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