Diary 23rd June 2015

Well what a record. After 35hr staying up, it was mind blowing. haahaha. I was doing my marathon of Knots Landing. So afterwards, I headed onto bed. Now keeping in mind, the bank is DR for 48hrs, I am hoping that they won’t “Unpaid”, thats my only worry. More than likely they will slap their Over Drawn Direct Debit fee, will be put onto. However when I went to get up for 4.35pm as the Post Office is closed at half 5pm, I decided ara I’ll try for my sis. As its our day that I visit her. Or she visits me. haahh. However I contacted her via SMS, nothing, then I rang her and she said that she hadn’t slept well, So I just went back to sleep for a further few hrs.


2 Funerals out of 5 are being undertaken. 1 out of 7 has been released from hospital. 21yr old Seán Fahey from Ratihmines, is the first to be released out of the 7. The other 6 are still in hospital. Eoin Culligan and Eimear Walsh are being laid to rest.
A ceremony has been held in Cork, for the Flight 182 which was bombed down by Sikh Extremists 30 years ago.

After the Gareth Brooks saga last year, new laws NOW prevent concert promoters and the Acts themselves from going ahead with the event UNTIL they consult the Local Council. Follwoign are the rules being proposed:

  • Pre-Application consultation with the local authorities before applying for a License
  • No advertising or selling tickets until the above meeting or consultation has taken place
  • Applications must be made 13 Weeks in advance of the event occurring. IT used to be 10 weeks in advanced
  • The local authorities must make a decisions 4 weeks BEFORE the event is scheduled to start
  • The PUBLIC consultation period has been reduced down to 3 week down from 5 weeks.
The Music score composer of the Titanic James Horner has tragically died. He co-wrote the now infmaous “My Heart Will Go On”. He died in a plane accident.

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