Well what to say about the cutest adorables. The plot thou was the least appealing. I felt the film had been given away in the trailers, the amount of teasers released. What would have been ideal would be whereby the Minions find all the Boss THROUGHOUT the film, however the film, thou went from one boss to another. That was a let down. Oh there was no shortage of laughter. You are guarantee laughter. Another thing however, the language of the Minions, I feel they should actually speak English or more so at the very least subtitles. It was very cool thou when Gru came at the very end after freezing Scarlett Overkill(Bullock) and her hubbie Herb. And an added extra, during the credits, you could see Gru getting acquintatned with the most loved adorables Minions. 


2 thoughts on “Minions

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