Diary 27th June 2015 – Gay Pride 2015

Well today was the Annual Gay Pride Parade in Dublin’s City Center. Today as I haven’t been popular well regout wise like last year. So I wasn’t gonna let that get in the way of celebrations. This year’s Pride was slightly different on my side, in that, it was more PLANNED out.

I was due to attend 3 Meetups:

  1. Pre-Pride Brunch
  2. Pride Parade
  3. Drinks After Pride

So I headed to The Larder(Review here). So then we had a nice lunch and brunch and talk, I seam to be the only guy dressed up to the nines. I had expected judging from Pavel the organiser of the Meetup, that I would be welcomed whether I be wearing Pink or whatever, Yet everyone dressed up as if it were a normal day. hahaah.

So then we all headed onto the Parade itself. I doned my Boa, however he kept falling apart, so I had to stow away my baby. awwww. We continued on walking. Bumped into Mike too dressed up as Robin. ahahaha. Then onwards to the actual parade. We got lost. Craig and I were lost, didn’t know where they were. So in the end, we all met up and found each other. heheeheh. The Parade started in ernest. heheheh

Then the next meetup was at 6pm, so I wasn’t gonna be hanging around Pride After Party for a few hours. So I headed to the Outhouse. I along the route bumped into Patrick. So I was chatting with Patrick along with Manuel from the DIGs group. He wasn’t at the Pre-Parade Brunch. He joined us at the Parade. So I headed onto the Outhouse, where I came across various men, and some women and Trans people. Great INCLUSION vibe. I was chatting and chatting. and eating a glorious brown bread, butter, tomato(puree possible or squashed tomatoe) and Olive oil. mmmmm. It was heaven. I kept helping myself to em.

So then I headed for my next and more than likely last event of the day. I saw Pavel who also organsied this meetup. We waited for Gabriel, whom I hadn’t met at all. He was inside getting a drink for himself.


3 thoughts on “Diary 27th June 2015 – Gay Pride 2015

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