Diary 29th June 2015

Well yesterday was my day of cleanup as per Monday. hahahah. I did up my bed and got rid of all the electric blankets. And other stuff as well. I but my +Puppys Stanescu on the couch. awwwww. And all my Duckys too. While doing all of this, I was looking at several hours of Dallas. Oh it was heaven. ahahaha. Maureen dropped by.


Dublin has a new Lord Mayor. Críona Ní Dhálaigh, from Sinn Féinn was elected Mayor after a vote of 40….

7 Alliance for Independence TDs have announced their candidature for the Irish General Election 2016.

The two prisoners who escaped from the Maximum Security Prison in New York, has been recaptured. Although one of them was shot dead in a shoot-out, the other one tried escaping from a police in Constable near the Canadian Border, he was also shot twice.

The Greeks on Sunday will be asked to vote on a Referendum on the future of its membership of the Eurozone. The last time Greece held a referendum was 41 years ago to abolish the Monarchy. Greece faces a Default tomorrow, which means that Greece can’t make the Payment to the IMF.

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