Diary 1st July 2015

Going to  bed last night, was upsetting for me, as I couldn’t for the life of me understand why my cell ain’t charging. All I remember was that it fell, a few yards if even that. From the window ledge to the bed. So its just baffling, why all of a sudden. Like I was telling my sis, today that it took 12hrs and half hours and it NOT at 100% only at 85%. So I just don’t get it it. And it even now decharges rapidly. So something is defo not right. As I said as well, Georgian and BAtterys don’t fit in the same sentence.  My sis came down to me for to download thinking I would be up and about. I was due to do errands. I hadn’t slept too bad. I was teary for a few hrs, with the above battery problem. So afterwards, I said I’ll have to use my birthday money AGAIN on my battery. So I got up at half 5, obviously too late for Dole. So I just left it at that looked at Everbody Loves Raymond episode of where the clan go to Italy. Bringing great memories of Italy to us. hehehe


Greece is the first country who failed to make a payment to the IMF on time ie making it the first developed country to Default. The deadline was 11pm IRISH time, 30th June 2015.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan TD, became the first Foreign Minister to attend the Battle of the Somme

US and Cuba have reached a deal between Washington and Havana whereby the full diplomatic ties between the two countries were cut in the early ’60s will be fully restored and an Embassy will be opened in both countries representing each country. Both President Barack Obama and Cuban President Rahul Castro made formal


Apple’s Music streaming service Apple Music has gone live today. Apple will offer users free for 3 months. After 3 months, you are charged $9.99. You would be streaming the music instead of downloading. For me personally I’d rather download the music so, that I can keep the music. That said Apple Music does offer you a chance to “keep them offline for playback later”.


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