Diary 2nd July 2015

Well I got up with a view of getting the errands that I was suppose to do the other day. I first got my dole. Then the bank. Earlier on in the day, when I checked the balance. I was in €128 in debt. Clearly my finances are not up to scratch. I had intended to Withdraw €70 from the savings and put into bank to do my increments. But now the €50 that my pops gave me, I’ve lost it, so yeah quite a shock. Whats even more, I compeltepyl forgot about WestWood, and to top that my Bank Maintenance fee is HIGHEST ever at €30. So for next week i’ll need minimum €105 MINUS my rent etc., I then went to collect Floppy a new member of the +Puppys Stanescu ‘s family. Awwwww. While there, I was given another package which happens to belong to the guy who lives above me. I ain’t his keeper, so I said to the clerk, that this package ain’t mine. He assumed as its the same house.

Then I headed up to the folks.

“Bollicks” term used by Mom when she was describing my sis’ phone. When I told her of my phone not the best.

Memory Block, got a fit of laughing when she told me that I had said on the phone: “where the hell are they”

REalsied that the Mamma Mia concert is actually TOMORROW, when Dad was looking at the tickets.

Before I went to sleep. I was trying to figure out how to get my “Social” life on my phone to work out. So I tried my sex phone, battery dead. And besides looking for the Wall plug 3 pin. Couldn’t find it. So then I tried my Poddy. I was wanting my Checkin’ apps ie Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Swarm belonging to Foursquare. I went to download the Facebook app for to update it, it didn’t work, then I uninstalled it. But that came as a big mistake as in, when I went to download again, it said I need to iOS 7 upwards. Now “let me tell you a little story”. The reason, It would not update was it was wanting my OLD Email address and password. However since I changed my email address AND my password AND my name(I used to use George Coffey – due to my homophobes), AppleID locked me out compeltley. I contacted Apple via Email AND Telephone support. NOTHING. So I’ve lost all my €€€€€ worth Apps, Music. I was completely pissed off. So I moved FULL time to Android. I’ve never regretted since.


Michael Valentine Doonican has tragically died. He was known as Val Doonican. AS my mom says a “crooner” or a heart throbe. He was born in Waterford. I remember him quite well. He had a beautiful album of Christmas songs. He was known to sing relaxing and peaceful. In 2011 the Freedom of Waterford City was bestowed on him. He lived in Buckinghamshire in England, UK.

Former Taoiseach and Former Finance Minister Brian Cowen was questioned at the Banking Inquiry during the period of the Financial Crash. He takes full complete responsiblielty of the Banking Collapse


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