Mamma Mia

Well what a performance. I travelled along with my mate to the concert. It was fab. The choreography was mind blowing. The theatre productions is based on the Abba songs. The play is abotu a girl Sophie(Niamh Perry) who is marrying Sky(Justin Thomas). However her longing to “be known” ie doesn’t know who she is, is bothering her. So she invites 3 possible Fathers, Sam Carmicheal(Richard Standing), Bill Austin(Michael Beckley) and Harry Bright(Mark Jardine). Sophie’s  Mom Donna Sheridan(Sara Poyzer) is a bit hot and bothered, in that she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up like the way she did. I was moved thou when Donna’s Mom “disowned” her for having a child OUTSIDE marriage. So Donna’s lifetime friends from Donna and the Dynamite: Tanya(Shubna Gulati – from Coronation Streeets’s Sunita) and Rosie(Sue Devaney). So after all the great craic, and laughter, they did a rounding rendition of Mamma Mia and an assortment of other Abba songs. So overall, fantastic performance, brilliantly well done.


2 thoughts on “Mamma Mia

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