Milanos, Grand Canal Dock

My friend and I went here after a performance. The staff were a pleasure to be served by. The names on the menu were very much Italian after all its an Italian chain. heheeh. I first started off with a dish with tomatoes in a circular shape with Pesto on it and a Buffalo or Bula in Italian Cheese. Oh it was heaven. Then it was time for the main course. This by far was delicious especially the Garlic Bread. I was offered this with a Al Forne. Again I can’t quite recall the names of the dishes. Then afterwards, for dessert I had a Tiramasu and a scrumtpious Super Fruit Green Tea. Awww it was heaven.

Water in a beautiful designed Glass

Garlic Bread


Super Fruit

My mates Olives starters

My mates Fresh Mint Tea



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