Diary 4th July 2015 – 4th July Holiday(USA)

I was struggling to get up in time for Todd to see Minions at Cineworld(Review here). So eventually I met up with him. heheheh. On the way after the film, I noted that there was a protest of Abortion of Pro-Life or Choice. He mentions that he’s never gonna have any issue with abortion. And I says Its none of the govt business etc.,etc., and he says exactly. heheheh

We then dispersed and I headed onto Mom and Dad’s however, my sis messaged me saying that she forgot her drive for her films. So she wanted entertainment. As time was not on my side, I hurridly went to my sis and had a wee chat. ehehhe. I told her, yesterday, when I was going to the toilet, that on the way, I noted that there was a blanket that I bought down in Waterford in Pennys for €25. And was wondering why it was so “cotteny” look, but as it turned out it was actually Patch Jnr’s paws. awwwww. What a laugh we both had. hahahaha.

So then onwards and upwards to Mom and Dad’s. eheheh. I knew it was fairly late. I went to tell em about Mamma Mia(Review here), yesterday. So after a short visit, I then headed onto home. Before thou, I was saddened to hear of Silvia’s crash she was involved in. My sis had told me as well that she sent the two Liz’s an email, despite me knowing about Jane’s birthday. I had sent Liz an FB message on Thurs, when I welcomed Mom and Dad back home. In the meantime Liz had gotten back to me, and I completely forgot to mention it to Dad. So when my sis told me that she had sent an email for dad to Liz, I said crap, I was meant to tell them about the FB message.


The funeral of Lorna Carty has been held. She is one of 3 Irish Citizens who was killed at the Tunisia Terrorist Attack last Friday. 

Hundreds of the Greek Solidarity of Ireland, are standing in solidarity for the Greeks back home, for the referendum being held tomorrow Sunday. 

BOTH Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Abortion rallys have been held with Pro-Choice being the small protest. The Pro-Life accused Amnesty International of calling the government for abortion of Disabled people. 


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