Diary 7th July 2015

Well today was quite different. hahaaha. Quote from Dane DeHann(BABE) from Amazing Spiderman 2: “I don’t know how, I don’t know why”, but it just was. The day started off with me struggling to get outta bed in time for the dole. So I just skipped it. ahahah. So my sis came down to me. She was doing her donwlonaiding, which I don’t personally mind. We were both crunching numbers as to how to resolve me finance issue. I’m up to me eyes in debt. So following is whats gonna be done for the two weeks.


STATE €265*2 = €530

What I have             €30

TOTAL                  €560


AIB Debt(FORCEFULLY)                         €51

Rent(for TWO Weeks)(NEXT WEEK)    €260

INCREMENTS Debt(THIS)                     €105

Sky(NEXT)                                                 €46

Loan from Credit Union(NEXT)                €30

TOTAL                                                     €492

Income – Expenditure

€560 – €492 = €68

So as you can see, like my sis says:  I have 68 to “play around with” for two weeks. I was really worried as I wanted to see Jurassic Park and Terminator Genisys in iMAX. Now obviously I can see em both in 2D or 3D for FREE and have NO FOOD, but I like to “celebrate” an iMAX movie considering I’m paying to get in, so why NOT. hahaha

Now onto WEEK 2

Following is the plan of payment of Week 2.

Rent I’ll be paying in Week 2 NOT this week, but NEXT Week.

Hoping the above will help me. heheheh.

I meant to actually put down that Mom called down to myself and my sis for a takeout. heheeh. We went to Nicos down the road for me, where I enjoyed a delicious Chips. The Kebab was alrite as the salady stuff was VERY hard and the Curry chips they were very sparingly on the Curry sauce. So not sure what the hell’s going on. hahaha


A ceremony has been held in London, where the 7/7 London Bombings where four Suicide Bombers detonated a bomb in four locations in London… Buses came to a standstill as a mark of respect. The first bomb went off at half 11 in the morning. 52 people lost their loves, more than 700 people were injured. A ceremony was held in Hyde Park 10 years ago today. Flowers were laid at the sites of the bombings: Edgware Road, Kings Cross, Aldgate UNderground Station and on Tavistock Square. 3 underground trains and a Double Decker bus were the targets. A ceremony was also held in St. Paul’s Cathedral.


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