Diary 8th July 2015

Well today was a quite day. It first started off with me NOT sleeping. ahahah. I was watching TV then after awhile, I was getting ready after a call from Mom, to pop up to Mom n Dad to show the pics from Sunday’s meetup. Just as I was heading up, I encountered my landlord Franky. We just chatted in general. He mentioned a very interesting thing thou. One of the tenants friend, is As he puts it “eccentric” ie a bit abnormal. I was intrigued in what way. He says that she’s very “hippish” style ie like exactly the time I was with Todd in Govindas(Review here) on Abbey Street. I went to explain to Franky that its possibly she’s a Vegan or perhaps a Raw Vegan. Like I insisted I told him that I’m a Veggie. He says no even weirder, So I went backwards and forwards to staying Vegan. So then he told me a time, when she screamed that he was about to kill a snail. So she put the snail put it elsewhere. Likewise he was explaining she its ONLY plants NOTHING else. Ain’t that what Vegan’s eat. ONLY plants. hahaha

So then afterwards, Franky headed off, Then my key got stuck in terms of turning in the door. I had forgotten my cell as I needed it to show my folks the cars. However the key wouldn’t turn as it was bent. The reason it was bent was my sis and I went to Tesco in Fairview for grub and it was that I left the keys behind, my sis retrieved them, however the customer who hadn’t seen the keys but their groceries on top of my keys and bending my keys. So since then it hasn’t been working right. So MORE money I’ve to pay to get it cut. But at €3.50 I think i’ll b grand. I’ll just try and keep the one I have NOW.

So then I headed onto Mom n Dad’s. Showed Mom and Dad the pics. Dad attempted to flatten my key and likewise I did. I put the key under the HEAVY armchair. And my body weight(which ain’t much these days) contributed tot he weight onto the key, so the key so far so good is flattening now.


The Parish Records have now been made available on the Internet.

The World’s most advanced Plane touched down at Dublin AIrport

The closure of Clery’s is being put onto the Irish Tax payers. Minister Burton has called this a “predator capitalism”. The former owners just shut up shop and left. They sold it to Narium, however the Liquidators is not willing to foot the bill.

Amnesty International, has released a survey whereby 67% of Irish people are in favor of DECRIMINIALISING Abortion. Currently under Irish law, it is illegal to have an abortion, NO matter the circumstance. The Pro-Life movement has accused Amnesty International as being “selective”


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