Diary 10th July 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. Just before I headed to bed, I realsied that the plan me sis and I had done out the other day relating to finance, which I have outlined already would not actually work. As I failed to collect the dole on Thurs BEFORE the Sky and Credit Union payments that is required today Friday. The plan me sis had in mind was that €260 goes straight to bank, €105 for INCREMENTS. Now when we were doing the calculations we decided that Sky and Credit Union for NEXT WEEK, not today. However as I didn’t collect the dole and hence the bank, I got extremely anxious. And also to top that if the word “Unpaid” were to appear on my statement, I would forget about going to cineworld to see the latest Terminator series: Terminator: Genisys. and just head to bed. So I got up with going cautiously to the Post Office of collecting the dosh. Then onto the bank. Now in the mean time, my mate rang me to know what my plans are. He knew I was going to see the movie. However with my mind completely elsewhere, I decided against it. So when I arrived at the bank, did my usual business and only noticed that today was the 10th NOT the 12th, in which I thought today was Sky’s date. AS I said above that if I see the word “Unpaid” that I would not go to the cinema. However as I didn’t see it, I would go ahead. HOWEVER, as I didn’t sleep at all last night with the amount of twisting and turning over what to do and THOUGHTS of me being worthless etc., I decided not to go out in the end, so I slept until midnight 11th July  ie tomoz. One thought thou, I did have was whereby I cycle to the Post Office, and park it at the Day Hospital of St. Vincent’s Hospital known as Iona, and I stop the traffic on the lane nearest the path just OVER the bridge.. I then tell the traffic to go over, like literately over. The wheels wouldn’t be touching me unless they are changing lanes, yeah that’d be a problem alrite. Another one being whereby I go to the outhouse and literally break down. It has happened in the past whereby, I go to the Outhouse, and simply sit at a table literally. And there would be a group of people chatting asking me how I am etc., I would be distant with them big time.


The Department of Foreign Affairs has upgraded its warning to those who are travelling to Tunisia. The United Kingdom likewise cept theirs is higher. Ireland lost 3 citizens while UK lost 30 of its citizens

Omar Shariff who is famous for playing his role in Lawrence of Arabia, has tragically past on. He died of heart attack of which he suffered in the afternoon. He also starred in Dr. Zhivago. Born Michel Demitri He died at the age of 83. May he Rest In Peace. Ar Dhéis Dé do raibh a h-Ánam.

South Carolina has removed the Confederate Flag of its State Building. This comes after a shooting dead of 9 Black people in Charleston.

Greece has submitted the latest proposals for a 3rd Bailout. Following will be the Austerity measures. Its feared that Greece will be in recession and Austerity for a further 6years.

  • €300m cut in defence budget
  • VAT Reform
    Standard 23% VAT For all Sectors inc Restaurants
  • Ports Privatisation
  • Shipping Companies tax rise.
  • Corporation Tax increase from 26% to 28%
  • Scrapping 30% Tax breaks for Wealthiest Islands
  • It would run for 3yrs
  • Age threshold for Pensions would be to 67%

Links has been found between Psychosis and Smoking. The Department of Psychiatry in UCC has strongly disagreed with this. This research has come from London University.



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