Diary 11th July 2015

Today I was due to go to see TWO films: Song of the Sea(Review here) and Terminator: Genisys(Review here). However again, as I didn’t sleep too well, I wasn’t gonna bother. BUT my sis called down to me an hour earlier. Now while it wasn’t ideal, I am actually glad she did. Not only did her pain level, which was the reason she came earlier BUT also, my mental health was somehow distorted towards the positive side of things. While I was at the second film, I said to myself, “Man am I glad am back at Cineworld. cept the FINANCE”. I really missed it. So again, like I said the last time, My sis came down to me when I was mentally under the weather. And I appreciate that. heehehe. Bottomline, if my sis hadn’t popped down, chances are I wouldn’t have gone out. I had told her last nite on FB that she was welcome to pop down. However she did tell me, that if she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to pop down. Before I went to the first film, I popped into Pennys to see if I could get MATERIAL shorts ie trackeis kinda like. However time was not on my side, so I jstu headed to the cinema. I also bumpted into Cineworld Craicheads namely Eoin and his crew. THey were after seeing Ted 2. There meetup was today. I was due to see it. But I wanted Terminator BADLY. ahahaha.

So when I got back home, I showered again my thanks to my sis for such an inspiration. Again all a person who is going under mental health stress(each one is different, I speak of ME), is seeing that person in this case my sis.
So then afterwards, I went to get my lunchie which consists of Caesar dressing for my sandwich. Despite it telling me to SHAKE before use, of which I did, It kept spewing as if it were Coke or something. Which I don’t get n still don’t get. So I came to the conclusion that I never refrigerated it. Not sure. hahaha


20 years ago today, The BOsnian village/town of Srebrenica its worst ever massacre by Radco Mladish who is under trieal for Genocide. The Serbian Prime Minister was escorted after stones etc., were being thrown at as his government backed Mladish. Over 8,000: Men & Boys died during the Srebrenica Massacre Civil War in July 1995. Alexander Rutish

A great comical actor has died tragically. Diarmuid McAdhaistair was aged 71. Best known for Séamus Mhicil Tom in the drama series Ros na Rún. He was in every single episode since the inception fo teh show. The show will be celebrant its 20th year.


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