Diary 16th July 2015

I had a very weird dream. In that the dream went exactly the same, EXCEPT it was twisted as in, I didn’t fall. The last time, I fell. However not this time. heehhe

So I got up after the dream, and headed to get my dosh. Then the Bank. And saw that Concern had taken their €6. Now I had hoped that they take it some other time. But anyways, its for a good cause.

So then I headed onto see Song Of The Sea(Review here). However as I was a bit early(That’s new for Stany – hahaahah), I decided to head to the Outhouse. I haven’t been their since Pride. I was chatting to Dave. Haven’t seen him since Pride. As I said to him, god he wouldn’t recognise me with my clothes on. haahah. So then I went onto the cinema.


Former Finance Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has appeared at the Banking Inquiry.

It’s a month today since 6 people  fell to their deaths, in the Berkeley Tragedy. 7 people also were injured very badly. So for this there will be a fundraiser in the Academy in Dublin.

A Helicopter pilot, attempted to land or “crash land” behind The Rustic Inn in Abbeyshrule, Co. Longford. He has been arrested.


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