Diary 18th July 2015

Well what a day it was. hahahah. My sis had told me that Both herself and myself, are to do housework for both our folks. So I headed off to bed. Shortly before thou, I rang my sis to find out whats the story. So I left my phone on loud so that I’d hear the call. As it happens, It wasn’t required. However that said, I have decided that I CANNOT ever go up to their house UNLESS I have food in my apt, as I for the past few weeks have been getting vibes from both of them. I simply cannot afford food. It’s that simple. So with this in mind, I decided against the offer that my ma had offered me, which was to go out with my sis and herself for a grocery. I don’t have the cash to buy grocerys, and I wasn’t gonna let my ma pay with the vibes I’ve been getting. So I just headed to sleep.

So then I got up with my painful aching, but I wasn’t gonna let 7 down the drain. hahaah. So I got up and headed to Cineworld for CinemaLive for to see Andre Rieu. I was surprised to learn that he is 65. He don’t even look it. haahah. Great arousal of performance. Great interaction. One thing that blew my mind was that my home country Romania was deeply integrated in a performance. The guy who played a role from Romania,  George played a piece that I recognised from being in Italy and also several times. I’m talking about the group of Native Indians or whatever ya call em, hahaha. It was heaven. Great to see my home country tradition as well. heeheh. They also played a tribute to the late James Last, who passed away recently. My Dad would have known him very well. Had his albums etc., I shed a tear seeing him, and for me knowing Diarmuid Mac Adhastair aka Seamus Mhicil Tom

from Ros na Run, thinking about him as well.

Just about before the movie started, you’d never guess who contacted me on Viber. heeheheh. Its like my wish is so far coming back. It was the guy who was in NCI when I was doing the HDip in Web Technologies, the time my boyfriend broke up with me, back in 2010. It was the same guy whom I came out to a few weeks after that, he’d have cups of teas etc., in my place we’d meet up etc. Then all of a sudden, he disappeared ie cut contact, literately. So I just assumed, it was because I’m gay or something. Well as it happens, it was because of his family issues. heheeh.

So on the way home, I decided to pop along to Anatolia, however they were close, so I headed to Midnight Express instead(Review here).


A video has been leaked that shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II from United Kingdom, shows her when she was around 7, showing the Hitler Symbol the Nazi one.

The Ka Klu Klux Klan has organised a protest as to the taking down of the Confederate Flag.


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