Milano’s, Baggot St

I popped along with a group of Vegetarians and some Vegan friends. Although the food was questionably delicious, the staff thou was highly questionable. I was with a group of about 20 or so if even that. Clearly they couldn’t handle the amount. Yet the group in Grand Canal Dock after a theatre production, last time, the staff there were very much able to handle the crowds. SO getting back to Baggot St., I first started off with Bruschetta Originale “Milano”. I was wanting a vegan version of this. The person opposite me who is a vegan, was helping. I was enquiring with her a few times. I asked the waiter if he knows its vegan, he didn’t know the meaning of the word. The bruschetta was lovely. No question. Next was the main which was Veneizan. Now this is a pizza. I assumed it was vegetarian. I only picked it because .30c was being donated to a good cause in Honduras or somewhere. The pizza itself was alrite. The crust was quite hard. Next was onto the the dessert, which was Leggera Sorbet. This was lovely. heheheeh. Out of the whole three, I deliciously enjoyed the Bruschetta. I then enjoyed a delicious Mint Green Tea, that my mate on my previous outing enjoyed. It was heaven. mmmmm

                                                                             Coke Zero


Bruschetta Originale “Milano”




Leggera Sorbet

Fresh Mint Tea



3 thoughts on “Milano’s, Baggot St

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