Diary 23rd July 2015 – MY BIRTHDAY

Well what a quiet interesting day, this turned out to be. I had initially planned to go and sleep the whole day til the movie tonight with Barry. Then I said I’d go and do a bit of clothes shopping etc.,etc., Then my dreams and nightmares got in the way and said fuck it, gonna sleep it out the whole day. I messaged Barry as I don’t have his num. It was my intention to go and call it off so that I could sleep the day away. However, when I messaged me being the nicey nicey guy, I asked him if he was at the cinema or on his way. He was actually THERE at the cinema, very early. So I said I’d go and head off and meet him. So then I met him for to see Terminator: Genisys(Review here). Well when I arrived, I was well chuffed, Barry had given me a birthday gift. As he puts it, “I love getting gifts for people”, which I well agree. heeheh. So I immedicalty without FULLY looking at the teddy bear, I immateality called it Barry. hahaahha. The “human” Barry was very chuffed,  but when I saw that it could be a Skunk or a Badger, I would be inclining to say that Barry is a smelly, as a skunk usually produces a smell or something. hahaha. So then just after the film, Barry told me(ahem, the human – hahaahah) that Brendan O’ F, had texted him to tell me to ring him after the film.

So I then said my goodbyes, although Barry himself was disasspointed that I was late or whatever, that he wasn’t able to talk before hand. So we left it at that. I headed to meet O’ Farrell in McD’s as he puts it, in Grafton St., Brendan treated me to a lovely Berry Cherry Smoothie. However the night was marred in disappointment in that there was a drunk guy. O’ Farrell decides to go and be a gent to him in that asking him if the guy was alrite. O’ Farrell should have left it at that. The guy was being very vulgar and apparently racist – to a certain degree when he saw O’ Farrell’s Irish Rugby top. Then we left it at that. Brendan was telling me that a new Political Party was being launched. Known as Identity Ireland. He went to ask the cops, one of them dismissed him and the other said “I have a life”.

So I headed on home. I stopped by Midnight Express(Review here), to get me a Veggie Pizza. heeheh.


Dublin Port is to welcome the largest number of cruses ships and passengers. It is expected to bring €1m to the local economy with also 4 being docked for the day. 

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