Diary 24th July 2015

I literally couldn’t sleep. I’ve noticed a pattern in the last few days whereby I sleep for about 2 or 3 hours then I get restless in bed, naked or not naked, I get very restless. Then eventually about an hour or so, I sleep. What could be the prob is that I eat the food from my Aunt(Nun), and the takeout, all in one go. Then Tea and Coffee within an hour. This could be the problem. So we’ll see.

So after the TV aspects, I headed to my sis. We chatted for a bit. Before I went to my sis, I popped Β into Chopped a new health store. heheeheh. I wanted to head to see Chopped. It had opened several months ago. hahhaa. I just meant to go in. And today I was given the chance. eheheh. I was disappointing thou that its only a Restaurant mainly, and not a health store as I thought. hahaah

So afterwards, I headed off to town to start on my birthday shopping. hahaahah. My first port of call was to find my self Singlet/Unitard. I first headed on over to Glamour World. The most customer friendly guy. Was very impressed. Noticed a gay couple or at least two gay friends, or at the very very least gay. ahhaah. Never seen that before. heeheh. So after failing to find it, I headed to Good Vibrations where I asked again. He didn’t know what I was talking about, however he did point to one. And so I was delighted and got it. hahahaa. I then headed to PC World, to go and find a device to charge my phone ie known as Charge Block or something like that. There was such however ridiculously expensive of €54. Perhaps for Christmas I’ll reconsider. Then as time was moving on, I then headed to Penneys’ where I did the rest of my shopping. As I had a bit of time on my hand, I decided to hop into H+M. As the last time, I had taken a pic a few months ago of a regout I wanted to buy, however I didn’t have the cash. Their size system is quite confusing. hahaah. Then I headed onto Outhouse where I was welcomed with open arms from Ronan, to Michel to David etc., etc., Then afterwards I headed onto the cinema to go and see Jurassic World(Review here). hahaah. I had intended on seeing it several weeks ago when it was originally released.


Former CEO of the disgraced former Bank Anglo Irish Bank, is refusing to come home to Ireland to partake int eh Banking Inquiry. He is being requested to travel home, but ahs insisted that he give evidence via Video Link.

Derry City, in CO. Derry, Northern Ireland, is in talks of renaming the city. It is known as Stroke City. In that Derry City is actually known as Derry/LondonDerry. However controversy has arosen with the Nationalists so against the renaming.


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