Diary 28th July 2015

Well what a day to start. hahaah. I got a letter from the Department of Social Protection where I get my income ie the dole from. I was to go for a group session this morning for seeking a job. I then headed on my merry way. I only realised last night that I can’t use my bike as its been punctured. So I’ll have to walk. So after a bit of struggle I set off on my merry way.

When I arrived, it was further than I thought. So I signed myself in by giving my name and filling a form. There was a group presentation on when I arrived. I was asked to wait. It was my expectation that I wait for the presentation. So when the presentation was finished our names were called out those that was waiting with me. And they all headed home. I expressed my disappointment with them, they just fobbed me off or dismissed me. What else would ya expect. hahaah.

So then afterwards, I decided to head by the NCP(New Communities) the place where my Mom and I went last year, to help me with a dilemma. hahaha. I basically wanted to find out exactly if I need the SAME company ie UPC for 5 years, Electric Ireland for 5 years etc.,et c., He said no, you can mix and match, as I have changed companies in the past I thought that’d wouldn’t help.

I then headed to get my dole and put it in my bank acc. On the way, I encountered a sign post “the wholefood company”. So I said I’d check it out. I was delighted to see BUCKETS of vegan prods. hehehe.

Mom rang to say she was calling down to me to bring us my sis and I out for Chinese. Twas lovely and scrumptious. So we ended up in their place having our bite. We ate and chat. We welcomed them home from holidays. Mom and Dad went to Nancy’s(Reggie’s wife) and to Maura Farrells. Mom then left us home. My sis was too tired. So I didn’t head to her place. heeheh


Eurostat has recommended that Irish Water REMAIN on Government spending books. Its another blowin or “embarrassment” to the coalition. 

A woman has been found to have been murdered brutally. While later down the road, a car crash has occurred. Now police are investigating it to be a murder suicide. Today police have released names. The Quigleys in particular …… has been found to have had mental health problems. The couple lost a child to drowning a few years ago. So it has been found that the wife was murdered by the hubbie and the husband drove on the WRONG side of the motorway and deliberately crashed into a truck. 

St. James Hosp has announced that every single patients will automatically be tested for the following:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

The above had already been trialed for a period. This comes as today is World Hepatitis Day. 


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