Chopped, Fairview, Dublin 3

My Mom treated me to a lovely Choppy salad. The price was EXBORINTATN. But the salad I got very well worth the price. I still feel the price far to high for a salad. hahah. The system, I really adored and appreciated thou. So when I went to the counter, I was asked which lettuce or salad. Then they chopped it right in front of my eyes, ย then boxed it all up. When the first step lady emptied the salad, I was like what up… hahahah. I was asked to choose 3 toppings ie salads each salad extra is .30c extra. I asked what dressing is Vegan. So I’m delighted to report that my very first VEGAN Salad was had today. hahaha. The staff member consulted which dressing was Vegan, Balsamic, some other yoke and French Dressing.. So for my salad, I had a House Salad, for my 3 dressings, I got Black and Green Olives, Tomatoes, Onions, Tofu, Sundried Tomatoes,



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