Diary 6th August 2015

Just before I was going to bed, I was spending just under an hr trying to get Sammy 2, to get charging. I was getting vexed or whatever. I tried every cable I had, wouldn’t work. It was down at 0%, wouldn’t charge. It just kept going out. So I tried looking for the cable that would work for my Sex Phone aka Sammy Sex, which would be a shame as I needed an alarm for to wake me up. I had in the back of my mind, Lappy HP, would do the trick, but I didn’t want to keep it awake constantly, wasting electricity etc., So after getting my frustration out on cables, I eventually found a cable for my Sammy Sex phone. heheeh.

Well today what is hoped to be the last day of the Citizenship application, I was due to go along with Dad to get my last of the Certifying of the Birth Cert and the Translation of the Birth Cert. So then afterwards, we went back to the house, to ensure everything’s’ in order and put everything in Envelope. So I as I says, a “Closing Ceremony” like the Special Olympics was had. As Mom says “No Pain, No Gain”. I says back to her there was a hella lotta Pain. haahah., So then Dad and I went to An Post in Marino, to post the finalé. Get it Registered. AS I said on my FB, Fingers crossed, Touchwood, hoping everything goes to plan.

So after my NSFW Photoshoot, I started to get ready for my next errand or more so meetup, aka Vegetarian Meetup where I was to head to Sova Vegan Butcher(Review here). Twas a lovely cycle, however when I arrived, at the “place”, why I have the word place in quotes, I will explain. On the Meetup site, it said 46 Rathmines Road. However, on Google Maps it stated Rathmines UPPER and LOWER. Now I wasn’t sure which is which. So I cycled in circles in Upper. I asked a few people. Then there this lady who was splitting image of Mom, helped me to locate the restaurant, which was LOWER. Now, I wouldn’t mind, but I sent a message to the group, no reply. So I had arrived almost on time at the so called place, I thought. Then about a half hour or so late, I arrived at the right place. When I arrived, Sarah A who is the organiser, whom I know personally from Drumcondra and obviously the Vegetarian group, says to me: “late, in fact VERY late”, so I was quick to point out, it was an error on the organiser’s part. In that had they mentioned WHICH part of Rathmines Rd., is the restaurant, in particular for those who’ve NEVER been there. So while there, we were chatting abit. Great point was brought, in that a Vegan cafe/restaurant etc., is known as a Butcher, yet we ain’t eating meat, so what gives. hahhaha. I brought up about my experience in Govinda’s on Middle Abbey St., one of the group members had said that the presentation of their’s is more “sloppish” presentation wise. Another fella says who was beside me says, that if and when he review a place, that he would review the environment etc., etc.,  Another interesting point was made, in that, relating to prices. How come one place is cheaper than the other etc., etc., Person’s Income, is one, then the population and of course the area the business is in. So just as I was about to leave Sarah A, tells me remember to be on time, well I again stressed to the organiser of the meetup, to go and put the EXACT address of the restaurant in question. Well the look I got from the organsiser, ahahah. It don’t matter to me, as I don’t get on with her. So it’s cool on that part. ahahah

So then after the restaurant, I headed onto Outhouse, to get a green tea, for the cinema to see Ted 2 (Review here). Great to see a few hanging around. ahahah


Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the dropping of the 1st Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima. The 2nd bomb was dropped in Negasaki. It marked the end of the World War 2.

More airplane Debris has been washed up ashore, the same place where the last week’s debris was been found.


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