Diary 8th August 2015

Today I was heading to a meetup I had encountered on Facebook. A woman had posted in a vegan group I’m a member of, that she was setting up camp in a well known Food Market in St. Andrew’s Resource Center. So I popped along. On the way in,  I was locking up my bike, and a guy comes to his bike where his bike was beside mine, he noted that I was still having problems withmy phone(I had been takign out the battery to save battery itself). I was saying to myself who is he. I then copped on its the guy who was serving me in Sova Vegan Butcher(Review here) last week. They had a salad for €5 and a dessert for €2.50 and get a another one for free. So then afterwards I headed onto another event that I encountered on Facebook. Namely the V.E.G.O(Vegan Education on the GO). I didn’t stay for too long. I was merely just simpley getting educated further more. hehehe. I was fascinated by all. Interesting posters too. Like they had one that Cows are Vegan, which is actually quite true, as they eat plants ie Grass, and another to do with McDonalds.

I then after watching The Close Encounters of The Third Kind(Review here), started to get ready to see Inside Out(Review here), Disney’s Pixar’s latest quest. I bumped into my sis, chatted for a bit. Then afterwards there was a match being played in Croker, as such there’d be crowds etc., One young hottie of a lad, saw that I was coming towards him, and says: “Oh fuck”, and quickly runs and then I said right back “Oh fuck, is right”, hahahaha. Got a great laugh. hahahaah.

Then when I came back, I watched the Simpsons Movie(Review here), whereby I saw it for the first time with my sis in OmniPlex when it first came out. I was excited. Then I’ve seen it several times since then, of which one of them being tonight. Then I continued onto see The Sweeney(Review here).


James Holmes, the guy who shot several people in 2012 in the theatre in Aurora while viewing the latest premier of Batman Trilogy The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, has been sentenced to JAIL ie Life in Jail. Victim’s relatives, had hoped for the Death Penalty.


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