Diary 9th August 2015

I got a call off Mom, of which it went to voicemail of which it said that both Mom and Dad wanted me up in their gaf to show them the photos in Powerscourt. However due to dad’s abnormal behavior of going on about Westwood on Tuesday,  I shan’t be going up to the house UNLESS I am doing a job for them. Be it gardening, etc., etc.,. As Mom said the previous day: “No Pain, No Gain”, I replied there was a hella lot of pain with the citizenship application.

Was transferring comedy I record on PVT for my sis tonight. I was transferring from the C Drive which is slow. So then  a thought came to mind, in that I try transferring from my USB 3 Drive to my USB Drive that I bought recently in PC World.

So I throttled down to my sis. We had a chat while at the same time looking at comedy too. heehhe. She came back to mine to do a bit of downloading.


Today is the 70th Anniversary of the Bombing of Nagasaki. It marked the surrendering of Japan to the USA, hence the end of the World War 2. 

Aer Lingus and the Ireland West Airport is to conduct talks as to allow the first International Pilgrimages to Knock. The first New York to Dublin touched down at Knock Airport aka Ireland West Airport to hold its very first Pilgrimage Internationally. Its the first International Pilgrimage to land at Knock.  

The town of Ferguson in the US State of Missouri, has held an anniversary since the Black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a while Police Officer. It has brought tensions between Black people and State Police. 


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