Diary 10th August 2015

Today was a quiet day. With the goings on with Dad, I was pining for Mom, its a shame that she’s caught in the middle along with my sis. But hey its family. What ya gonna do. hahahahaha.

So to distract me, I have been looking at the day’s news, the last episode in the series of Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way, fantastic documentary by the way. It featured the late Larry Cunningham who sang the infamous country song “Lovely Leitrim”. Then it was onto my soap of Dallas – always entertaining. ahahah. Its been my 3rd time seeing the series. hahaha. Then onto the comedy of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens. Fantastic comedy. Always enjoyed it. In fact I was thinking the Leah Remini who plays Carrie in the series of King of Queens, I find her much better than when she was in Saved By The Bell. So then afterwards, it was onto my films. National Treasure(Review here) and National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (Review here).



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