Diary 12th August 2015

When I got up, I had my stuffy nose again, sneezing constantly last night. As I wanted to regain access to my Voicemail account, I rang Meteor. He was very nice. Love their customer service as recommended by my sis.  You see what had happened with my voicemail, last Sunday with my sis, I was trying access my voicemail from Meteor as my phone was down, so I was using my sis’ phone to access the service. However I had entered my PIN for the voicemail wrong several times. So they put a block on it.

So then my sis popped down. I got ready to head to meet Ronan for to see AntMan(Review here). I first popped into Dublin Castle as I wanted to see the Sand Scuploutres. They were actually quite good. hahaha. I then went to the Outhouse to meet Ronan. However he wasn’t there. So I just hung around. I encounters Brendan S. Haven’t seen him since Pride. John was there. Was sad to learn one of Outhouse patriots had died at the age of 52. Possibly of a heart attack. They ain’t sure.  Then shortly before he left, he apologised to me for a comment he made to me a few months ago. He had said a racist comment to me. I appreciated that. I had made a formal complaint shortly after the incident.


Anti Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy has said that it would be “an attack on the right to protest” He was speaking after it was announced that he would be facing a trial on “criminal damage” & “falsely imprisoning” the Tánaiste and Labor TD Joan Burton. She had finished a graduation ceremony in Jobstown, CO. Dublin when afterwards she was held within her car for 2hrs. 

Several blasts or explosions was heard in the Port city of Tianjin, south east of Beijing, China. Up to 54 are presumed dead. 50m people live there. It is home to the largest ports in the world. It was so big, it was even visible from Space. 


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