Diary 18th August 2015

Well this time, I wasn’t gonna let myself to be late for sign on like the last time. So I quickly hopped out of bed and went on my merry way. heheeheh. So I signed on and while doing so, I asked if I were to be late again and he said that you’d queue up at Desk 29 a WEEK before it expires. hehehe.

So I then headed off firstly to Intreo to see if I could search for Film reviewers on the Jobs machine. However it didn’t let me search for via just search terms like “Film reviewer” only where the job would be located. I just wanted to see what types their would be. So I just left it.

I then headed to the Outhouse, to see if there was a guy there. I recently reacquired the friendship with Christopher. This was the guy who recommended me Matcha Tea after March for Marriage last year. When I reacquired the friendship, He mentioned that he will be in the Outhouse on Tues afternoon. So I said I’d give it a shot to see if he’d b there. But as it happens he wasn’t. I bumped into Ronan thou. So I just chatted for a brief few moments.

I then headed off to get my dole. Then afterwards I headed to lodge money into the bank. I started my Increments afterall, the last time it didn’t work. I  had intended on saving up a certain amt of cash so that each company I do increments with would get a lump some per company. However it wasn’t to be. So I just resumed what I used to do.

Then after that as I didn’t reaslie the weather would be so warm, I had brought my trackies top with me as well. I almost sweating. So I put the top on the back of me and the bag. However one car stopped up beside me and said I had best take off the top off the bike before it catches in the spokes. I said thank you in a tone of annoyance or thinking he would actually do something negative to me. But as it happens, It actually was catching in the spokes. SO I stopped suddenly.


It has aannounved that teh M in the newly released ANdroid M is acutally Android Marshmellows. It is the next major version Version 6.0


Every households will be recieving a letter from the Department of  Social Protection askign that peopel go and register for the IRish Water Conservation Grant. It has been revelaed that a single database is to be set up. It is to be used to by the Wwater Grant. Following are some of the details requried for registeration: 

  • PPS 
  • Irish Water Reg
  • Bank Details

A suspect has been found on the CCTV. HE was seen carefully taking off the bomb off himself and putting it on the motobike in which it exploded when he walked away. The bomb exploded outside  the Shrine yesterday that killed 18 and injuring 100s others. 


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