Diary 22nd August 2015

Well what a day it turned out to be. hahahaah. I was due to go to a movie of which I can’t honestly remember hahaah. Perhaps it was the new movie Man from UNCLE. I had set the alarm for 7.55. However I instead got up at 9.17. I would have stayed on in bed, however i really really needed bread and Green Tea. Like I could leave it til tomoz, however then I’d only be drinking coffee, which can’t be good on a continuous basis. However things were on my mind. One of them being my bff of which I won’t name, might be doing things to his bf that could be unconstitutional. AS I said to my other friend, get the facts first then contact whoever. And of course the other being non other than my Pops. The stubbornish of him.

So I got up with a view of going to Lidl and Tescos to get the grub. Now bearing in mind, that Lidls closes at 10pm, so I arrived at 9.49. hahahaah. Got my bread and out into Tesco to get Green Tea.


An airshow plane has killed 7 people on ground. It was doing a loop as part of the airshow in Sussex. It plummeted onto the A27 Road killing 7. There were cars on the road. This has happened for the 2nd time. Sept ’07 a pilot died while doing a Battle of Britain reenactment

3 standbys have been award a medal for Bravery by the French Interior Minstery. 3 American’s and a British person took down a gunman. This happened on the way to Paris from Netherlands via Arras, France. The gunman is suggested that he could be part of the Islamic Extremists. with links to a Radical Islamist movement


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