Diary 25th August 2015

Well today wasn’t too bad. Coldwise, I’m still improving, however broken out now with fresh “lumps” on my neck, and arms. However a new fella has appeared, and that is the painful or more so soarness of my right arm when bending. Its pretty soar when I do so. So I try to keep it as straight when possible.

So I got up, after not bad a night. I headed for the dole and then onto the bank. So I came back. AS my box was low, I wanted to do a bit of recording. However as I couldn’t think of anything and time on my hand, I decided against it. I had to sacrifice a Star Wars film, so I just showered.

I then headed headed to me sis. However while waiting for the door to be answered, my Mom arrived at the scene. hahahaah. She was wanting to take us out for a takeout or a restaurant etc., So we all headed out to Green Land Cafe(Review here). There was tension in the air no question, no doubt. Mom was wanting to know if i’m gonna go to Westwood, and stop “wasting our money” etc., I replied its “My money, not you’rs”. My sis as usual was stuck in the middle, with our “bickering”. Mom asked me when do I expect to hear from the Citizenship, I said December. So bottomline, there was no hint, as to say call up BEFORE then. So what to do. Well on the way to my sis, I decided that I won’t be meeting my Aunt Maureen(Nun) UNTIL Mom and Dad make their first move. At the end of the day, it ain’t my fault. It would be different it it were. So then Mom dropped us back. Both my sis and I had the time of our lives looking at Everybody Loves Raymond and Golden Girls.

When I came back, I was looking at Yesterdya’s and Monday’s news. While doing so, I was spending quite a while in REFRESHING my blog on both Blogger here and WordPress. So from now on, as part of the News section, I shall be providing links to any News I find interesting. So for e.g




That’s the format it will take. As part of this, I had to “refresh” my knowledge on HTML code(The language of the World Wide Web).


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