Diary 27th August 2015

Well what a day, it turned out to be – I could say, it to be of positive nature. I got up earlier than anticipated, as I couldn’t sleep any further. So I was looking at yesterday’s news. and also Comedy. Then after awhile, my sis popped own to do some downloading. hehehe. Then I headed onto to town to do a bit of grocery shopping. I popped into SmallChanges a Whole food shop I can buy my Vegan food. So I then headed onto Outhouse to get a green tea for the Cinema. I then headed onto Cineworld for to see Fantastic Four(Review here) mainly because I wanted to record the phrases that Franklin Storm a character in the film says. I went to LIdls to get my 5x Bread and a few other items. I was looking for other Vegan products from Photographic memory in both Aldi and Lidl. Couldn’t picture em. So I just got what I set about getting. While at the counter. I gave the clerk €15 thinking it’d be slightly over €10. She gave me back €5. I said whoopsie thought it’d be slightly higher. ahahah. I then went on to say that we’re only paying for brands. hahaahah. She quite agreed. I then headed on home. Before I did, I headed tot he Outhouse where I welcomed home Andrea from Japan. heeheh. Both Bernard and I were intrigued in the culture. Like its rude to tip the Waitresses and Waiters etc., Naked Bar, And also Andrea was saying that to find a business, you would need to know the Block, the floor etc., I was quite intrigued by it all. So then I headed on off home.


It has been revealed that the gunman who shot a reporter and a cameraman yesterday. He was disgruntled. He had sent a fax to the TV Station claiming that he was being bullied for being gay and for being black. Alison the reporter who was shot’s father, has asked for TIGHTER control on Gun crime.

More information as follows: 

RTE News

TV3 News

UTV Ireland

The Guinness World of Records is celebrating 60 years birthday today. Its origins is thought to have originated in the Co. Wexford south east of Ireland. It all started when the Book Founder wanted to bet who was the fastest Game Bird and wanted to create a Reference Book.


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