Diary 28th August 2015

PS This post contains NSFW content by means of Sexual content.

Well what a night it turned out to be. hahaha. I was suppose to see the film Man from UNCLE tonight. However plans are made to change. hahaah. While sleeping, I got several loud bangs to the door. It was Mom. heheheh. So I just continued sleeping for the night. However during the night, I had a dream of whereby Maureen wakes up during the night(She’s a very light sleeper) both my sis and I are trying to tell her to hush up, but she continues to rattle a few cages. Dream ends there.

NSFW CONTENT commences

While sleeping, I apparently for the very first time had my first “Wet Dream”. It was very confusing at first as to where my “swimmers” or cum came from. I thought it was part of my cold or illness with all my lumps etc., on the body. But as Google’s definition describes it as an “erotic dream”. I’m in my speedos sun bathing as per any guy on the beach. And afterwards, I see some guys going naked into a special area of the beach something like that. When I see their Muscley – what I call my little fella”, I get the need for a jerk off or JO. So instead of my hands, I use my mind as I described this to Bernard last week. And I explode as one would say. But me obviously seeing the result in the speedos and I see the stuff coming through, makes me cum even further. As I was cumming, I was dragging myself to the sea so that I could see the cum in the sea. heheheh. However subconsciously this was happening, this was obviously happening while I was “dead”, hahaah. OMG like it was unreal. When I woke up ie consciously, I says where’d all this come from. So I then put 2 and 2 together and got 4 instead of 5. I was amazeballs at this. eheheh. PS I was naked when I went to bed, I usually sleep commando. As I finds that if I were to were any underwear, I feel the need to jerk. So I just go commando.




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