Diary 29th August 2015

Well today wasn’t too bad. Actually turned out more positive than recent events. ahhaahah. It all started when after my long hibernation, I got up around half 1 to look at Knots Landing. I then afterwards, headed back to bed, hoping to sleep. However I didn’t sleep a wink. Perhaps a 40 winks as one would say. So I got up eventually around half 5. I was starting to feel sleepy around quarter past 3, the time I was suppose to get up. So I just delayed everything. So when I got up, I did a brief NSFW photoshoot. Then headed onwards to my sis for support for her. On my way to her, I wanted to get Green Tea in particular and of course sugar. I then saw a sprinkler food thing known as Chia something like that. I was curious about the price. Considering the size, I immediately assumed €5 or less. When the lady told me €10 I was ashtonished. haahah. So she assumed I would not be buying it. hahaah. I then headed onto Cineworld for to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(Review here). I then got myself a take out in Midnight Express(Review here)

When I came back, I was searching high and low for a cable that I need for to connect my Sky Box to the Router. hehehe. Still looking for it.


10s of thousands have joined in a march from BOTH Heuston St and Connolly St. and they all converged outside the GPO on Dublin’s thorough fare O’ Connell St. There were speeches etc.,

For more information

RTE News

UTV Ireland

Today mark’s the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Catríona. In 2005 New Orleans was devastated by the hurricane, killing several, making several people homeless.

For more information

RTE News

Marriage Equality has officially been signed into law by the President of Ireland. It was due to be signed into law earlier, however 2 Appeals of the Referendum results was delaying the whole Signing and hence was upheld, making it rendering useless. So today marks the day Marriage Equality has been signed into law making it legal for Same-Sex couples to marry in the Republic of Ireland.

For more information

RTE News

UTV Ireland


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