Diary 30th August 2015

Well today was quiet. My first day of Cold/Flue free symptoms. yeahhhh, as Father Jack says “I’m a happy camper”. hahaha. So I was getting ready for my sis’ visit, when I got buckets of bloating and diarrhea. I then headed off to me sis when I noticed alot of Dublin fans around. I thought they had won the match or soothing. I warned my sis off coming to my gaf, as she was wanting to download. She has in the past encountered drunken behavior from matches towards her. So when I arrived, I realised that I brought my charger with me, but NO phone??? like REALLY. hahahah. So weird. I’ve never done that before. Like I leave my charger behind, grand but the other way round. hahahaha. So then afterwards, we watched the Golden Girls as well as some chat. hehehe. So while drinking tea, I increasingly got more bloats, so possibly getting used to tea, I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, I know for a fact that the cause of the diarrhea before my sis is possibly the Sour Cream I had at cineworld yesterdayΒ for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(Review here)


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