Diary 7th September 2015

Maureen popped down to me with nothing knew of me ignoring her.

Likewise Mom too.

I was looking at Frasier for the day. hahahah. Great memories of the show. hehehe. While looking at the show, I came across this particular phrase or saying in a Facebook Group I recently joined belonging to a blogger. hehehe: “Those who hate you won’t win Unless you hate them back – Richard Nixon(1974)”. Now I fully agree. I seam to have a lot of haters in the current situation. I won’t be going into any further detail, but from what I gather to date, they ain’t winning atm. heheeh. I swore to myself, that I wouldn’t be licking. In fact I said to Ailish the other night, that I ain’t gonna “lick his boots, was gonna say arse” hahaha. This was my reply when she said “Ahh but George they’re your family”. That got me thinking for a few minutes, but what happens when Christmas comes, that I’ve no family, will my depression escalate like it usually does because I’ve no RELATIVES etc.,etc., except this time it will be family. So I said to myself, until Dad comes up to me or rings me and states to me that he is sorry for what he did, I will NOT be going near Mom, Dad or MAureen. My sis I don’t mind her. But the other three, NO.


Election Pact has been announced by the Irish Labour Party. The Tánaiste announced as the BOTH parties Fine Gael and Labour have announced a voting pact. The Junior Party in the Irish Political History has been always known to suffer in ALL major Elections. So Fine Gael and Labour Party have asked that Voters vote for each other ie Fine Gael voters vote for Labour and Labour for Fine Gael etc.,

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